"Research shows that hypnosis eases pain, speeds healing, increases fertility, even fights cancer."

Prevention, February 2006

Would you like to:

Have you tried willpower, workshops, bookstores and drugstores, looking for ways to ease the pain, change your patterns, achieve your potential, feel better? Then this will be your last stop - the answers you seek are inside you, and hypnosis and yoga therapies will enable you to find them. Not only find the answers, but put them to work, right away.

Cobblestones and Moss

Hypnosis and Yoga Therapies give you solutions and strategies.

Hypnotherapy works, and it often works faster, and with less struggle, than many other therapies. As an adjunct to conventional treatments and, in many situations, as a stand-alone treatment, hypnotherapy empowers you to achieve the results you desire.

Why? With hypnosis, you synchronize the wishes of your conscious, rational mind with the power of your inner, subconscious self, the part of you that really drives your behaviors. This is done easily and safely with simple communication between the hypnotist and your inner self. We focus on what you want to achieve. Even after only one session, you will feel better, more relaxed and more in control of your life. In just a few sessions, you can, and will, heal faster, feel better, hit your mark, and break free. All it takes is your intention and the guidance of a skilled hypnotherapist.

"Results have shown that yoga and meditation boost immunity and reduce stress. Stress, of course, can be related to many chronic illnesses: heart disease and cancer to name only two."

University of Massachusetts Medical Center

Yoga Therapy addresses health and well-being issues in a powerfully effective way. By creating conscious awareness of the innate body and mind connection, you will gain greater insight into your physical and mental quandaries, establishing new pathways for increasing flexibility, balance and ease in your muscular-skeletal structure and your mind. Linking the natural wisdom of your body to the potential-activating power of your mind, you will gain tools you can use for the rest of your life.

Whether you have a serious or chronic illness, are a writer or artist who is creatively blocked, a student needing increased focus and concentration, a smoker ready to quit for good, or someone who has struggled to lose weight, you can create a better quality life, starting now.


Once in a blue moon, a hypnotherapist comes along who is a shining star in Hypnotic application for change. Julie Cade is such a star. She has the heart and talent to help her clients achieve their goals. I recommend Julie to anyone needing the skills and know-how in applying hypnotism into any situation needing change or improvement.

Lois Prinz, CCHt. Certified Instructor of Hypnotism

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